Coach Stella: Training Begins But Never Ends…

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The life of a strength coach is equal parts rewarding, frustrating, hard, even harder, up, down, celebratory, and chaotic.

With a peppering of high-fives, butt slaps, atta boy’s/girl’s, and DMX radio.

It’s not a glamorous gig by any extension of the word. It’s a world populated by inconvenient schedules, dank weight rooms (which can be the best ones), and a fair number of meals eaten out of tupperware containers.


However, what the life lacks in glamour is made up for by an abundance of perseverance, grit, and hopefully a metric shit-ton of deadlift PRs.

It’s a life (and career) that never stops challenging you and demonstrating, to each individual willing to work hard, what it really means to get out of if that you put in.

It’s been awhile since I’ve watched something that has inspired me and helped broadcast a message I feel anyone can benefit from – strength coach or not.

This brief documentary was sent my way last week. It just went live today. It follows Coach Stella, a Boston-based strength coach who, for all intents and purposes, doesn’t let something like a headache or a case of the “eff its” prevent him from getting after it.

This is seven minutes I feel is worth your time

Coach Stella:

Coach Stella from C49 on Vimeo.

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