Best Articles of 2017: Reader’s Picks

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Well, that was fast.

2017 came and went.

It was a tumultuous year in many ways – I think many of us are a little fatigued from the events of this past year – but on a personal level quite a profound one too.

I mean, I became a dad.1

Despite the subsequent sleep deprivation – earning my parenting stripes – I still somehow managed to put up 192 blog posts in 2017.2 Today I wanted to highlight the Top 5 posts that received the most web traffic.

These are the articles that resonated the most with you, my readers.


Sex In the Industry: Why Men Need to Lean In and Listen

This was hands down the most popular article of 2017, and was also the latest entry to make the list (I wrote this in early December).

It all started with the image above of a woman performing a cable pull-through. I used it in a presentation I was giving and unfortunately my immature reaction to it made some women who were present uncomfortable.

It was a hard article to write, but something I felt needed to be done.

Exercises You Should Be Doing: Rack Pull-Up


People went bananas over this pull-up progression I posted about back in April.

Click the link to see what all the hooplah was about.

A Lesson to Fitness Pros: You’re Always Being Watched

I guess this was the year of self-introspection and calling myself out. We can always improve, and in this case a slight lapse in customer service led to an embarrassing “call out” by a client of mine.

My Go To Squat Progression For Pretty Much Everyone

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not the variation pictured above…..;o)

The Unsexy, No BS Guide to Actually Getting Results

There’s a notion of late they every workout has to be a ball-buster. That if you’re not swimming in a pool of sweat or if you can’t feel the right side of your face that it was an ineffective waste of time.



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  1. Like, holy shit.

  2. Actually, make that 193 counting today.

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