Appearance On The Movement Fix Podcast

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I’m always honored to be invited onto someone’s podcast. It’s an even higher honor when I’m asked to come back onto a show I’ve appeared on before.

HERE’s the link to my most recent appearance on The Movement Fix Podcast.

If you’re bored and want a little more backstory about my man crush on Ryan DeBell keep reading below.

The Movement Fix Podcast

When most guys talk about their man-crushes they’re quick to gravitate towards movie stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or professional athletes like Cam Newton.

I can’t say I disagree with those picks. Both are really good at what they do and both are really good looking.1

I have some fitness-industry man crushes too. Plenty of them, actually. One of my most current crushes belongs to Ryan DeBell of The Movement Fix.

  • He’s smart (earned a doctorate in Chiropractic).
  • He’s successful (has built several business, released several successful products/resources, and travels the world speaking to fitness professionals).
  • And he fucking crushes wearing a bowtie.

I mean, who can get away with that and not get punched in the face within 0.7 seconds?

Ryan. That’s who.

I’ve been a big fan of his work and the information he provides for awhile now and I HIGHLY recommend heading to his site to check it out.

Anyways, I’ve appeared on his show before and we’ve actually made several attempts to meet up in person the few times he’s been to Boston to present. Alas, it was always a case of bad timing and nothing ever transpired.

A few weeks ago, however, he reached and said he was going to be in town again and that we should hang out, get a lift in, and maybe record a live podcast.

This was me:


Long story short, we met up.

I didn’t make it nearly as awkward as all of this probably makes it seem like it should have been.

After a quick bro-session at the gym we headed to a local Starbucks to record an episode of his podcast. We discussed what it’s like running a business, training gen pop clients, how to grow a blog and brand, and how I was able to juggle being a new Dad last year.

I had a blast recording it, and I hope you give it a listen.

—> Tony Hearts Ryan<—

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  1. I’m a dude, I like girls, and I am totally fine with admitting when another man is attractive. I mean come on, have you seen those two smile? And look at how amazing they look with their shirts off. And, OMG, is it getting hot in here or something?

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