Day 2 – Strong Body, Strong Mind, (and Jet Lag) in Bonn, Germany!

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So… it happened! Strong Body, Strong Mind, Bonn.



After a quick breakfast, Tony and I popped back downstairs to meet Valentina, leaving Julian and Eileen behind to fend for themselves. We returned to Unique Fitness, where we met an amazing collection of trainers from various parts of Germany and Prague! It was a fabulous group, and a great day.

I take on the morning during our workshops, covering general topics within the psychology of coaching and training clients: understanding and enhancing motivation, professional self-care and boundaries, and working with tricky clients, among other things.

Lisa and I had a fantastic day in Bonn, Germany taking 20 fitness professionals through our Strong Body-Strong Mind workshop. Thank you to @uniquefitnessde for being such a splendid host as well as to all who attended. It was an honor. SIDE NOTE: this event was followed by my first German beer….😉

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The group was fantastic and I learned a great deal from them over the course of the morning. We broke for lunch, and then Tony took over the afternoon, covering other psychological topics, like framing and priming, and then moving on to some shoulder assessment, and finally squat assessment to round out the day. Here are some of our new friends!

During Tony’s talk, my jetlag really set in.

After the seminar I felt like a zombie, but, I had to push through, because a Biergarten!

We headed over to a local restaurant in old town, where Tony and I enjoyed a “typical local dish” called Sauerbraten. Beef, potatoes, purple cabbage – what’s not to love? There should be a photo here, but because Tony and I inhaled our dinners (and because Julian was melting down – again) you’ll just have to see a stock image of Sauerbraten (which does not do it justice).

Another quick trip to the grocery store, another tram ride, and we were home again, home again. For reasons unexplainable, we all hit a second wind, and were sitting on the porch, enjoying a snack, when we realized it was approaching 10pm! That’s what is so cray-cray about jet lag. All of the tiredness, with none of the sleeping.

Julian hates the German bathtub, so after forcing him to take a bath, and getting in the shower myself, I was pooped. I got into bed, and Tony got Julian to bed… fingers crossed for some sleep tonight!

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