Exercises You Should Be Doing: Offset Glute Bridge DB Press

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It’s been a while since I’ve offered a glimpse into my exercise library and shared an example of something I’ve been playing around with of late.

Today’s exercise is nothing revolutionary, but it’s simplicity is one of the reasons I feel it’s so effective.

Whether you workout at home or in a commercial gym it can be performed rather easily, and the set-up is minimal.

Offset Glute Bridge DB Press


Who Did I Steal It From? – Your mom.1

Just kidding.

I know Ben Bruno has done similar variations from the floor, so I guess he serves as my muse in this instance.

What Does It Do? – This is a great example of an exercise that provides a high-training effect with a low dose. Here we’re targeting the pecs (obviously), but we’re also getting a high degree of glute activation and an even higher degree of core recruitment.

I’m a BIG fan of “offset” training.

This is where you hold a weight (dumbbell, barbell, KB, Mjolnir) on ONE-side of the body and perform all your repetitions before switching to the other side.

In this case the benefit is you have to do all you can to “steady” yourself and not fall off the bench as the set progresses.

It’s core training 101.

Resisting/stabilizing external forces & vectors.

Moreover, the exercise is made exponentially more difficult when performed in the “off-bench” position (glute bridge) because 1) there’s less of the bench to keep you stable and 2) you have to work to maintain appropriate lumbo-pelvic alignment as a result.

Key Coaching Cues – This is admittedly a bit of a wonky exercise at first, especially with regards to getting into position. The best piece of advice I can offer is to place the DB on your lap first and then use that (and the bench) as leverage as you finagle yourself into the bridge position.

Rest your head on the bench.

When you’re set make a fist with your free hand to help ramp up and maintain full-body tension. Be prepared to get diesel.

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