Best Articles of 2018: Exercises You Should Be Doing

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This is the last post of 2018.

2018 was splendid year, and I thank everyone for their continued support.

2019 is looking to be a busy year from a professional standpoint with several projects in the works in addition to my travel schedule.1 One of my main goals in 2019, however, is to get back on my writing (and reading) horse. I know the last two years have been a bit dearth (comparatively speaking) with the total number of posts and articles I’ve published. Who knew having a kid was so time consuming?

Nevertheless, my hope is that the upcoming year will be a fruitful one in terms of my writing prowess.

Stay tuned…..

Best Articles of 2018: Exercises You Should Be Doing

Anchored KB Row

Transverse Landmine Snatch

Bench Assisted ValSlide RDL w/ Reach

Band Resisted KB Deadlift

T-Spine Rotation w/ Lift Off

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  1. Not to mention also defending my Kumite title

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