A Cool Way to Upgrade Your Landmine Variations: The Gut Wrench

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Whoa – I was thiiiis close to titling this post “A Cool Way to HACK Your Landmine Variations,” and then I remembered I can’t stand people who use that word incessantly.


You see articles or blog posts use it all…the…time, as if to imply 1) they know something we don’t, some short-cut no one in the history of ever has ever thought of before and 2) that they’re some sort of uppity, bourgeoisie Dumbledore or something with a bevy of tricks up their sleeve:

  • 5 Tips to Hack Your Sleep Habits
  • Hack Your Way to Increased Muscle Mass
  • Use These Hacks to Hack Your Next Article on Writing About Hacks.

Anyway, I remembered I wasn’t an asshole and decided to go with “upgrade” instead.

You’re welcome.

Upgrade Your Landmine Variations: The Gut Wrench

I receive inquiries from companies and individuals all the time asking me to try their stuff out in the hopes that maybe I’ll like it and share it amongst my “tribe.”

Admittedly, most of the time, it’s just not a good fit for what I do and what I believe in. I had an individual reach out to me once asking me if I’d be interested in trying out their “Keto” supplements.

“They’re very effective,” she said, “and I’m sure the bulk of your audience will agree.”

In my head I was like, “I’d rather jump into a dumpster fire.”

I don’t know, maybe they were effective (at what, I have no idea); and maybe I’m a big, fat, meanie head for not giving something new a try, but all I did was politely say “no thanks” and move on with my life.

I’ve also had people reach out to see if I’d be interested in trying out “x” piece of equipment or maybe they want to send me some of their apparel that does all sorts of fancy things like keep track of your heart rate, exfoliates your skin, and filters your sweat so that it can be recycled to grow organic grass fed acai berries.

I’m always flattered and always try to be respectful when I know something’s not a proper fit for me or my brand.

It comes with the territory for being moderately e-famous.

NOTE TO AUDI: If you ever want to send me one of your new Q5’s to try out I won’t say no…:o)

That said, it’s not always a shit show. Every now and then I’m sent something cool, and something I think everyone else will think is cool too.


…The Gut Wrench

The people over at StrongerThanU.com reached out to me several weeks ago asking if I’d be interested in their gadget, The Gut Wrench.

Full Disclosure: I receive zero kickback or affiliate income for recommending this product. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a future hug, though.

I know based off the picture above it doesn’t look like much, but once I saw it in action I knew I’d want one to have in my studio.

It makes having a dedicated Landmine (or Angled Bar) attachment obsolete. I can do a multitude of Landmine exercises anywhere in the gym I please: in the corner, in the middle of the gym floor, over here, over there, pants on, pants off, whatever.

When I got back from Australia last week The Gut Wrench was waiting for me and I immediately starting playing around with it.


And boy do I like it.

It’s small, sturdy, and I can use it for soooo many activities; a god-send for anyone who works out of a limited space such as myself.

In the video above I’m performing a Rotating Alternate Landmine Press (0ne of my favorites), and because the Gut Wrench is designed the way it’s designed the barbell doesn’t “slip” on the floor.

I.e., It stays in place.

Too, I’m still able to perform all the same lower body movements as well without any worry that the barbell will travel away from me.

If you’re a gym owner or someone who needs a little more versatility with your Landmine exercises I’d seriously give The Gut Wrench a consideration.

Seriously, Audi, call me.

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