Turning Caterpillars Into Butterflies

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There’s generally two topics I go out of my way to not discuss on my blog or social media channels: religion and politics.

It’s not because I don’t have strong leanings or beliefs regarding the two.

I do.

Rather, I just feel, given the divisiveness that’s inevitably tethered to both, it’s important not to alienate or turn-off current or potential clients and customers.

I’m making a slight detour today, however.


As some of you may be aware, in the coming months I am expanding CORE from a 500 sq. foot closet studio to a 3300 sq. foot techno and deadlifting palace located here in Boston, MA.

The name will be changed to CORE Collective, because that’s exactly what it is going to be…

…a collective of other complimentary health/fitness professionals working under one roof to grow their brands and businesses.

One such person is my friend Justice Williams.

In recent months he’s slowly been marinating a movement which has started to gain traction not only locally here in Boston, but nationally as well.

He’s been using CORE as one of his “Queer Gym”  pop-ups; a place where individuals in the LGBTQ community can come in, be around other like-minded people with similar backgrounds, and use the weight room to help become more comfortable with themselves.

Justice is an amazing coach and an even more amazing human being.

Please, if you would, watch this quick 5-6 minute documentary-style video that he was highlighted in recently. It’s pretty cool.

More great things to come…

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