Psych Skills for Fit Pros Now Available

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I’m excited to announce that Dr. Lisa Lewis’s brand new resource, Psych Skills for Fit Pros, is now live and ready to purchase/melt people’s brains.

This resource was made specifically to help personal trainers, strength & nutrition coaches, and physical therapists accelerate their clients’ results (and YOUR success) by mastering communication and motivational skills.

I.e., What often separates great coaches from the average ones isn’t so much their ability to break down shoulder assessment, deadlift technique, design the perfect concurrent periodized program, and/or discuss the intricacies of gluconeogenesis – although those are all pretty baller skills to have.

Rather, what really separates the great fit pros from the masses are their SOFT SKILLS of coaching.

Eleven Years In the Making

Full Disclosure: For those unaware, Dr. Lewis is my wife.

See, here’s proof:

We met in 2009 while I was a coach at Cressey Sports Performance and she was finishing up her doctorate in Sports Psychology at Boston University.

It wasn’t long into our relationship when she noticed I had amazing pecs I’d sometimes come home zapped and frustrated.

For starters I’m an introvert through and through and after eight straight hours of coaching athletes and listening to Metallica and Rage Against the Machine I’d want to sequester myself in my Fortress of Solitude with a book whenever I arrived home.

“Hi Babe. How was your day? Bye Babe.”

But too, what drained me the most was the mental gymnastics tethered to keeping certain clients motivated and consistent with their training. I’d come home mad at myself that “so and so wasn’t getting results” and then either start crying in the corner in the fetal position or jump through a pane glass window.

Okay, neither of those happened…but the discontent was real.

Lisa, thankfully, was always more than happy to help talk me through things and provide a “script” or blueprint or lesson plan to take with me back to work to implement with my clients.

After like the 47th time I came home asking her for advice it dawned on me…

…the health/fitness industry NEEDS her and her expertise.

It needs an ACTUAL DOCTOR in this shit (and not some tool on Instagram who labels themself a “mindset coach” because they read a book once) who actually lifts to come up with a resource.

Something to help health/fitness professionals to develop their people skills and to build better rapport with their clients/athletes. I mean, like or not, there’s A LOT of psychology stitched in with being a coach.

The seed was planted.

Now, Fast Forward Moving-In Together, Getting Married, Adopting a Cat, Starting Our Own Separate Businesses, and Having a Kid.

Lisa started officially working on this project in April 2019.

  • She did the research
  • Infused her own expertise and skillsets
  • Recorded all the presentations
  • Edited everything
  • Re-edited
  • And edited again

And Now Psych Skills for Fit Pros is available!

We all have clients who are noncompliant, dropout, relapse, or just straight up give-up on their health/fitness goals.

And it really grinds our gears.

Psych Skills for Fitness Pros addresses a gap in the nutrition and exercise science knowledge base – psychology. This online, do-at-your-own-pace course provides an introduction, theoretical review, and extensive application of psychological processes that are central to working with clients.

The course is divided into 6 chapters, and each chapter contains 4-6 modules of content. These modules include webinars, quizzes, interviews, and worksheets for self-reflection and practice. Specifically, the course content includes the Self-Determination Theory, the Transtheoretical Model of Change, and Motivational Interviewing.

Of Note: the interviews include some names you might be familiar with (and how they used these very skills to help build their businesses and brands): Mark Fisher, Molly Galbraith, Dean Somerset, Meghan Callaway, Kelly Coffey, Georgie Fear, and some jallopy with the last name Gentilcore.

This product is ON SALE at 20% off the regular price today though the next two weeks.

What Else Can You Expect?

  • Continuing Education credits have been approved via the NSCA  (and NASM is pending)
  • You have the option to either purchase in full or take advantage of a payment plan.
  • Gluten free.

There’s no other resource out there like this specifically designed for trainers and coaches.

—> Psych Skills for Fitness Pros <—

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