Vulnerability in Crisis: Appearance on The Future of Fitness Podcast

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The Future of Fitness Podcast: Vulnerability in Crisis…and Cat Memes

I had the pleasure of being invited back onto The Future of Fitness Podcast recently with my good friend Eric Malzone. If there’s ever a time to sit down, take a breath, and really talk about your feelings…it’s now.

There’s no sugarcoating anything.

Stuff sucks.

At this point I want nothing more than to tell 2020 to just go stfuuuuuuu.

Like many other fitness professionals out there I’m at a loss as to what to say and what to expect. I’m trying to figure things out as I go too.


  • Should I purchase the Pro or Business plan on Zoom?
  • How can I best serve my clients?
  • What can I expect once things turn back to normal? What will “normal” even be or consist of? What percentage of clients will come back to the gym?
  • How hard am I going to have to resist tossing my face into an ax over (gym) lease and rent negotiations?
  • Will my wife ever see me NOT wear gray sweatpants again?

I don’t know a lot, but what I do know is that it’s okay to feel our feelings during this weird, weird time. I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty damn vulnerable of late and I discuss it during my chat with Eric.

Give it a listen below.


Or check it out on The Future of Fitness website – HERE.

Or iTunes – HERE

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