Stuff to Read While You’re Stuck at Home Not Wearing Pants: 5/22/20

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Still in Florida…;o)

I’ll spare you the gloating, but needless to say it was the right move.

Oh, hey, did you notice I released my new CORE @ Home platform?

It’s designed so that I can deliver workouts you can perform at home – pants optional – using minimal equipment.

You have two options:

1. Subscribe for FREE and receive one workout per week.

2. Subscribe for $29.00 and receive three workouts per week (in addition to special content).1

My hope is that it helps take the thinking out of things and keeps people more accountable to workout more consistently.

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Problem” ➡️ Solution. . This is a video of a MLB client of mine. He sent me this video as part of his initial assessment. . See anything awry? . First off, that pink and purple whatchamacalit in the background is adorable…😉. . Secondly, anyone who works with overhead athletes, pitchers in particular, will recognize the motion I’m referring to. . It’s subtle, but pronounced. . We’re assessing his scapular upward rotation and if you watch at the onset, those with a keen eye will notice a common theme amongst this population of athlete: . His shoulder blades move down & together at first and then kinda stay glued together as he brings his arms overhead. In short: He’s fighting his ability to upwardly rotate. . The technical term is Scapular Downward Rotation Syndrome (as popularized by renowned physical therapist, Shirley Sahrmann). . I refer to it as “the shoulder blades are making out.” . The root cause is typically overactive downward rotators – almost always the rhomboids – in addition to overactive lats (which, in a certain % of the population, have attachment points directly on the scapulae. . Nevertheless, you may have noticed above that I placed quotation marks around the word “problem.” . My client noted no current issues or symptoms with his shoulders (although he does have history of issues). . I didn’t feel the need to sound the alarm and go into heavy duty corrective exercise mode, but I also don’t want to ignore things either. . Is it a problem NOW? Maybe, maybe not. . Could it be a problem later? Maybe, maybe not. . It should be addressed at least. . I want to improve his upward rotation. As such, we’re gonna HAMMER his Serratus (protraction/reaching) in order to do so. . Swipe left to see a nifty drill I like that does just that. . 1️⃣ Tall Kneeling Band Press w/ Exhale. . The idea is to press/reach (hello Serratus and scapular movement AROUND the rib cage) while emphasizing the FULL exhale in order to promote the canister position (stacked rib cage over pelvis with a sprinkle of posterior pelvic tilt). . MONEY exercise (props to @drsarahduvall ) that feels less like correctivy, eye rolley bullshit, and more like training. . No diggidy, no doubt.

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How We Re-Start – Jason Leenaarts

Currently, in most states, small(er) independently owned gyms are being lumped into the same category as places like Soul Cycle, larger box gyms, and even Casinos.


Jason breaks down how smaller, more boutique studios can open safely and DO IT RIGHT.

Strength Training Has Distorted “Real World Scenarios.” Here’s What We’re Actually Supposed to be Training For – Lee Boyce

Slow clap of the week.

The Remembered Art of Play in Youth Athletes – Erica Suter

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I was the Babe Ruth of wiffle ball as a kid. I was also a World Champion in Laser Tag, hide-n-seek, Burn Ball, dodgeball, and won Kumite.

Today’s youth athletes seem more like robotic one-trick ponies, and it’s unfortunate.

Erica brings the heat in this excellent article.

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  • Albertina Geller

    The art of play seems to be lost to the youngest generation. There used to be a time when I didn't come home for 10-12 hours straight because I was out playing with friends. But today I can barely see a kid out there (not just because of the quarantine that is). Great suggestions Tony! Thanks a lot :)

    May 25, 2020 at 2:10 am | Reply to this comment

  • Armstrong Lazenby

    Thanks for these recommendations. I think we all need more inner child and not to take things too seriously. Also I'm in the process of moving away from the big box gym and doing freelance for my own training and business. Big box are too busy and not clean enough or special enough for some people. Some people like myself like training at 'special' boutique places that are cool and calm. Cheers.

    June 7, 2020 at 1:31 am | Reply to this comment

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