Stuff to Read While You’re Stuck at Home Not Wearing Pants: 7/10/20

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I got nuthin.

I mean, I had to cancel my teeth cleaning appointment today.

That’s exciting.

Oh, hey, have you checked out my new CORE @ Home platform yet?

It’s designed so that I can deliver workouts you can perform at home – pants optional – using minimal equipment.

You have two options:

1. Subscribe for FREE and receive one workout per week.

2. Subscribe for $29.00 and receive three workouts per week (in addition to special bonus content).

My hope is that it helps take the thinking out of things and keeps people more accountable to workout more consistently despite not having access to their normal gym.

For more information go HERE.





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30 Days of Spine Hygiene * . Day 1️⃣ Bubblegum Farts. . Or . Finding (and maintaining) “neutral” spine while moving your extremities… . …which, let’s be real, is NO WHERE near as baller of a description as bubblegum farts. . I don’t know who originally named this drill, but whomever it is I officially nominate him/her to name every exercise from here on out. . Instead of something lame like Quadruped Extension-Rotation, I bet our secret wordsmith exercise namer would name it something cool like Fart Breath Rotations or Henry Cavill. . Anyway, this is a very sneaky (hard) drill and it does a superb job at locking in the abdominal brace which then aids in maintaining spinal stability while we add in movement. . Eventually it behooves us to marinate in a more diverse movement environment (rotation, etc)… . …but out of the gate, especially when working with someone with a history of back pain, I’ve found that honing in on STABILITY in that area (while also addressing mobility in requisite areas: hips, t-spine) is a fantastic approach for most. . Don’t forget to emphasize the exhale as you lift your hand off the ground, while also maintaining pressure INTO the ball. . I’m telling you it’s a sneaky bastard of an exercise. . * When in doubt read anything and everything via @backfitpro . Not only the world’s foremost mustache haver, but also not too shabby when it comes to spine biomechanics and research. . I’d HIGHLY recommend his Back Mechanic book.

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Examine Personalized –

This may seem surprising, but I hate reading research. It’s important of course, and I try my best to stay on top of current trends and to balance the teeter-totter between being evidence-based and respecting the power of anecdotal experience.

But yeah, I’m more likely to sit down and read Elvish poetry before reading a full-length research study.

This is why I am SO pumped to share with you’s Personalized.

To be as succinct as possible: they scour the internet for pertinent research you’re interested in, they summarize it, it gets copy edited so that you don’t need a degree from Harvard to read it, and then it’s peer reviewed for accuracy.

They make it SUPER easy and it saves a TON of time.

Today is your last chance to take advantage of their initial LAUNCH pricing:

  • Monthly: $9/mo
  • Yearly: $75 (normally $90)
  • Lifetime: $299 (normally $399)

Click HERE to get more information.

Complimentary Circuits: Effective Programming Made Simple – Kevin Mullins

As is the case always, Kevin provides a bevy of useful info in this article.


How to Overcome the 8 Biggest Diet Problems – Krista Scott-Dixon

Dieting or “locking in” sound nutritional habits always tends to be the elephant in the room for most people. For some it’s eating when bored, for others it’s a sweet tooth.

And for others it’s simply all just too confusing.

Krista helps to drown out the noise.

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