Appearance on the Strength Chat Podcast

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First Things First

Anyone else start watching Cobra Kai on Netflix this past weekend?

Man, what a delightful piece of nostalgia that was/is. I’m only two episodes in, but all it took was 20 seconds for me to have the widest smile on my face I could possibly have.

My wife wanted nothing to do with it, but she heard the music, the dialogue, and me laughing out loud numerous times and at one point yelled from the other side of the apartment…

…”do you have a boner right now or what?”

My wife is cool.

Anyway, now if only someone would remake Airwolf????

Strength Chat Podcast

I had the pleasure of being invited back onto the Strength Chat Podcast hosted by Steven Cuthbert.

Steven has a very conversational style with his interviews which I thoroughly enjoy and in this episode we discuss the effects of COVID-19 in the industry and how I feel gyms and trainers will need to adapt moving forward.

You can listen to the episode on Spotify HERE.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes HERE.

Or, if you prefer to watch the action instead you can do so via the the YouTube link below. Enjoy!

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