Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 11/6/20

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I think a more appropriate title for this week’s iteration would have been…

“Stuff to Read While Trying to Unclench Your Sphincter From Watching the Election Results.”

I need a break, you need a break, everyone needs a break.


1. You can now purchase CORE @ Home for whatever it is you want to pay.

During quarantine I started a platform where I’d deliver 20-40 minute workouts that could be performed in everyone’s living room using minimal equipment.

In all I curated 36 workouts using nothing but bodyweight, bands, and kettlebells and/or dumbbells. With many people still reticent to head back to their regular gyms (not to mention the scarcity of gym equipment out there to purchase) I figured this would be a nice opportunity to help.

Whether you want to spend $1 or $100 (if the latter, we’ll be BFFs forever), the workouts are ready and available to start.

For more information go HERE.





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To expound on my post from a few days ago on why I feel VOLUME is the key to conquering your first pull-up… . …and NOT just a few repetitions of shady looking eccentric and band assisted variations performed 1x per week… . Here’s my client @therealalexandrashow performing a Hollow Position Pull-Up pattern (vs a band). . When pull-up badassery is the goal I like to train the pull-up (or it’s derivatives) 4-5x per week and this variation, picked up from @meghancallaway , is an excellent drill to hammer home full body tension and build confidence in the lift. . Again, the key to success is FREQUENCY and implementing drills that build components of the pull-up . . Sick beats help too…😉 . . #pullup #pullupprogression #pulluptraining #bostonpersonaltrainer #bostonstrengthtraining

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A bit of a curve ball this week.

The world is currently balls deep in a dumpster fire of an election and has the bulk of everyone’s attention. The last thing on most people’s “to do” list is to think to themselves “hey, you know what? I think I’ll write an article on squats or how to improve scapular upward rotation and it’s implications on overall shoulder health.

Or, I don’t know, ear wax.”

Most fitness peeps aren’t in the mood to write this week and there is a dearth of content out there.

That, and I was just too lazy (I.e., balls deep in the aforementioned dumpster fire) to do any reading.

To that end I figured I’d re-share some of my ALL-TIME favorite articles that either gave me a major ah-HA moment OR made me feel more like an idiot.

Either way, I learned something cool.

Push-Ups, Face Pulls and Shrugs – Mike Robertson & Bill Hartman

One of the first articles that really helped me to better understand that rotator cuff training (and shoulder health in general) isn’t necessarily endless repetitions of band external rotations.

The Hierarchy of Fat Loss – Alwyn Cosgrove

I still reference this article repeatedly and send out to clients who end up stuck with their fat-loss endeavors and feel endless steady state cardio and cheat meals are the key.

Cardio Confusion – Eric Cressey

Sure we were roommates for two years and we started a business together, but Eric was (and still is) a mentor of mine and someone who has had a massive influence on my career.

This was one of the first articles that made me re-think my stance on steady-state cardio and it’s importance for not only overall health, but also how it can have positive implications toward lifting heavy things too.

Did what you just read make your day? Ruin it? Either way, you should share it with your friends and/or comment below.

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