Registration Open for *Virtual* Coaching Competency Workshop

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It’s coming up on a full year since I’ve done a live event. I miss it terribly and can’t wait for the day to hop on an airplane and travel somewhere that isn’t my dining room table.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and I’ve mentally prepared myself to put off any notions of travel until at least the Fall of 2021.


To that end if there’s anything this past year has taught me, it’s that not touching my face is impossible technology works. Specifically, if I can’t travel to your neck of the woods to put on a workshop, I can bring MY neck of woods to you.

Via a WiFi connection.

I’m elated to announce that I will be hosting my popular COACHING COMPETENCY workshop virtually this March, and in an effort to make things more accessible I will be doing so over the course of three consecutive weekends in bite-sized modules:

  • 3 Hours on 3/7/21
  • 2 Hours on 3/14/21
  • 2 Hours on 3/21/21

Let’s Be Real: No One Wants to Look at My Grill On a Computer Screen For Seven Hours Straight

Attending a live event in person for an entire day is one thing.

For starters nothing beats seeing & listening to a presentation in person; information is seemingly absorbed a little easier that way. Too, between break out sessions, Q&A, and the intermingling of attendees, live events just seem to be less of a grind.

The “fatigue” factors seems a little less exorbitant.

Conversely, to ask people to stare at their computer screens for seven hours – especially considering that’s pretty much everyone’s life right now anyway – is whole other thing entirely.

Speaking personally I’d rather jump into a shark’s mouth. I mean, unless you have Jennifer Lopez & Shakira lined up to provide entertainment sporadically I’m likely out after 45-60 minutes.

That being said I figured 1) people still want to learn and 2) why not spread it out a bit?

👉  Register HERE (Early Bird Rate) 👈

The Virtual Coaching Competency Workshop is an opportunity for fitness professionals (or those who just like to lift heavy things) to gain better understanding and insight into how I structure assessments and program design, how I coach, tweak, and progress common strength exercises, as well as how I build and maintain motivation/rapport with my clients and athletes.

Topics Covered Include:

1) Using the Self-Determination Theory – Autonomy, Competency, and Relatedness – to foster and enhance motivation and long-term success with clients.

2) Upper & Lower Extremity Assessment: “Big Rock” things to look at and the importance of demonstrating success to your clients on Day 1.

3) Coaching up common strength exercises and how to individualize them to fit the goal(s), injury history, ability level, and maybe most important of all, anatomy, of each client.

4) Top 5 Netflix shows I’ve watched during quarantine.

Date: Sunday, March 7th, 14th, & 21st, 2021


  • 2:30-5:30 pm, EST on 3/7
  • 2:30-4:30 pm, EST on 3/14
  • 2:30-4:30 pm, EST on 3/21

(NOTE: Everyone who registers will also receive a recording of  everything, so you don’t technically have to attend each “live” presentation. Although it’s encouraged if you want to ask questions. Or witness my awesomeness as it happens).

Location: Everywhere (Except Minas Tirith. They know why).

Register: You can go HERE to sign-up and take advantage of the Early Bird rate.

  • $199.00 until 2/15/21
  • $249.00 thereafter.

* CEUs will be made available via the NSCA.

** Pillow fights optional.

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