Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/17/21

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1. I’m Coming to England!

It’s been 15 months since I’ve put on an in-person workshop.

** Cue the trumpets **

I have confirmed that I’ll be coming to England this September to do not one, but TWO separate workshops.

  • I’ll be doing my 1-day Coaching Competency Workshop at Gudlift Gym in Manchester on Sunday, 9/12.
  • The following weekend (9/18) I will be in London alongside Luke Worthington to put on our 2-day Strategic Strength Workshop (host location is still being figured out)

It feels extraordinary to finally be putting events INTO my calendar rather than taking them off. I”ll have more details about the two workshops in the coming weeks, including links to register.

In the meantime: Consider this your “save the date” notice…🙌

SIDE NOTE: I’ve tossed Charleston, SC out there, as well as Philadelphia, PA (the latter would likely be a Strong Body Strong Mind Workshop with my wife, Dr. Lisa Lewis).

I’m hoping I can pull them off, but am also open to other options as well – Milwaukee, Memphis, Mordor, whatever.

If you’re interested in possibly hosting me for a day or two (or know of a gym who’d be a good fit), please reach out and let’s chat.





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Musings on the Emotions of Numbers – Izzy Libmann

The fitness industry is a dichotomy. On one hand we help people look, feel, and move better. (good!) On the other, we “pressure” & compare ourselves if we don’t look, feel, or move like others (bad).

This was a great read from Izzy on why you shouldn’t tether yourself to a number.

6 Common Strength Training Blunders – Josh Bryant

I dig anything that delves into the nature of helping people get strong(er). That said, there are many things that can go awry when seeking more plates on the bar.

Some great advice in this one from Josh (a brick house himself).

5 Mistakes For New Trainers to Avoid – Detric Smith

Programming kipping pull-ups is a good start….;o)

Kidding (but not really).

Detric gives plenty of food for thought for incoming trainers to consider in this very helpful piece.

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