Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/18/22

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1. Strategic Strength Workshop – BOSTON & LONDON

NOTE: In case you don’t have any plans this weekend and you happen to be in Boston (and get really excited about the particulars of femoral acetabular impingement) there are spots still available last minute.

This Spring Luke Worthington and I will be putting on our popular Strategic Strength Workshop in both Boston, MA and London, UK.

A hometown switcharoo extravaganza if you will.

The purpose of this workshop is to give attendees a more thorough look into our assessment process and how we connect the dots between that and setting our clients/athletes up for as much success as possible.

I.e., turning them into deadlifting Terminators.

There’s plenty of talk surrounding the traditional x’s and o’s of program design, but we also take some time to dive deep into the soft(er) skills of coaching:

  • How to improve motivation
  • How to build better rapport
  • Learning to meet your clients where THEY are.

You can click the respective links below for more information and to register:

Boston (March 19th-20th) – HERE.

London (April 23rd-24th) – HERE.

2. Coaching Competency Workshop: Leeds, UK – May, 1 2022

On top of my cameo in London this Spring I am also putting on a BONUS 1-day workshop further north, in Leeds. I’m pumped for this one. I’ve never visited northern England and am very much looking forward to this.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll attend my first soccer football match.





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5 Common Misconceptions About GPP (General Physical Preparedness) – Missy Mitchell-McBeth

Man training in the gym with a push sled

The more stuff I read from Missy, the more I need to go to the emergency room for shaking my head so aggressively in agreement. Anniversary Sale – Really Smart People is the only resource I refer people to when it comes to supplement information and the like. It’s truly the only unbiased  resource out there.

Their 11-year anniversary sale is currently happening where you can get 30% off all of their most popular products. If you’re a fitness professional you can’t go wrong.

6 Bodybuilding Lies Crippling Your Progress – Stuart McRobert

Cropped of black bodybuilder exercising with barbell

Honestly, this article contains sound training advice even if you’re not a “bodybuilder” by its truest defintion.

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