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Stuff To Read While You’re Pretending To Work: 8/1/16

Okay, lets cut right to the chase: how badass was Jason Bourne? Pete Dupuis and I took our wives to go see it on Friday night (you know, cause what says romance more than bare knuckle fist fights and explosions?), and I felt it was a worthy addition to the franchise. It. Was. Awesome. I… Read more

How Deep Should I Squat?

Perusing the internet can be comical.  LOLcats, Buzzfeed, and Star Wars parodies aside, where I find the most comedy (or to be more precise, the most chest thumping, blatant lies, and fibbing) are in various training websites and forums. It seems everyone on the internet – at least in training circles – is either some… Read more

2012: The Mayans Were Wrong and the “Best Of” In Blog Posts

2012 is about thiiiis close to coming to a close, and since we’re all still here (HA!….take that Mayans!) I thought I’d use the last day and highlight the ten most popular posts of the past year based off of the total number of visits/hits each received. It was the best year yet for,… Read more