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5 Reasons Your Shoulder Is Jacked-Up and Not Jacked – Part II

Welcome back! For those who missed it, yesterday I posted PART ONE (Newsflash: you’re reading part II) of some of the reasons why your shoulder is most likely jacked-up and not jacked. If you’re too lazy to click the link above, here’s the dealsky: 1.  Your technique on just about everything is, for lack of a… Read more

5 Reasons Your Shoulder Is Jacked Up and Not Jacked Part I

We work with a lot of overhead athletes at Cressey Performance – in particular baseball players – and it’s no coincidence that we deal with, address, work around, and (hopefully) fix a lot of shoulder issues ranging from the acute like AC joint issues and external/internal impingement to the more “oh shit factor” scenarios like… Read more