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Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Oscars!, Deadlifts, and Myths of Stretching

1.  Raise your hand if you stayed up last night to watch the entire broadcast of the Oscars. *Sheepishly raises hand* Yes, I stayed up till just past midnight to see 12 Years a Slave win Best Picture and to watch director Steve McQueen and company be handed the statue by Will Smith. I know it’s… Read more

Deadlifts: From Suck to Sick

Okay, not that I had any qualms or regrets with writing the pregnancy post the other day, because I was more than happy to do it; it’s something that had been running around in my head ANd I wanted to address it for a while now, and a topic I wanted to tackle sooner rather… Read more

5 Coaching Cues: Deadlift

It’s no secret that I love deadlifts.  They rank right up there with Star Wars, my mom, oatmeal, and old GI Joe re-runs  And while I feel the deadlift is one of the more beneficial movements out there in terms of improving performance, muscle growth, and even posture….it’s still something that a lot of trainees… Read more