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The Deload Week: Yes, No, Maybe So?

Outside of several other health/fitness arguments – steady state cardio vs. HIIT, low bar vs. high bar squats, weight belt vs. not wearing weight belt, Paleo vs. eating like a normal human being with a life, blue yoga pants vs. black – there aren’t many topics which rev people up or bunch panties more so… Read more

The Concentric-Only Deload

Today’s guest post comes from Dallas based personal trainer, and frequent regular/commenter on this site, Shane “The Balance Guy” McLean. He covers a topic that I feel many people recognize, but don’t necessarily understand: the deload. There are a million and one different ways to approach the deload – reduced volume, reduced axial loading, nixing… Read more

How Not Training Can Help You Make Progress

Q:  I’ve noticed in my own training that rest seems to smash PB’s (Personal Bests) for me more than being in the weights room every other day, or that is how it seems. Let me give you an example. Three weeks ago I hit a PB on deadlift of 160kg (352lbs, ish) for 1 rep,… Read more