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Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: The Day After Hurricane Sandy Edition

WHEW – well, that wasn’t fun. Hurricane Sandy hit with a vengeance yesterday and hammered the east coast.  From what I can tell, we didn’t get it too bad here in Boston (I had to dodge a lot of fallen trees on my way home last night, and understandably there were areas that had blackouts),… Read more

Try Elite Training Mentorship for $1

As I noted last week, a few friends of mine (and colleagues I HIGHLY respect), Eric Cressey, Mike Robertson, BJ Gaddour, and Dave Schmidtz, have all been working tirelessly for the past year or so on a project that I feel will help the entire industry step up its game. And, based off what I’ve… Read more

Is Eric Cressey an Assessment Jedi?

In a word:  yes. Yes, he is. But more on that in a second. This industry is constantly changing – almost on a weekly basis. One week it’s boot camps that are all the rage. The next? Dude, you’re gonna kill it if you incorporate more semi-private or group training into the mix. Even still,… Read more