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How To Make Your Programs Programs Your Clients Will Actually Follow

This article is not going to dive into the x’s and o’s of program design. For that you can peruse my Resources Page and find plenty of options to fit your fancy. Instead, today, I wanted to peel the onion (so-to-speak) and discuss the layers of program design that rarely get discussed. Copyright: wavebreakmediamicro /… Read more

What Planning For a Dinner Party Can Tell You About Program Design

It’s not lost on me that not many people are having dinner parties of late. World pandemic and all…😒 For the past year the closest my wife and I have gotten to a bonafide dinner party is ordering take-out every Saturday night with our 4-year old, and then sitting at the table with his army… Read more

Do This, Not That

Whether your goal is to lose a few extra pounds, increase your bench press, train for a marathon, or just look and feel better, the gym — and more specifically, the part that holds all the dumbbells, barbells and other cool, shiny… Read more

Progression <------> Regression

As trainers and coaches, I think far too often we get carried away with our programming to the point where we’re more concerned with impressing our clients with bells and whistles than actually getting them healthier.  I was at a commercial gym not too… Read more