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The 4 Steps to Never Ending Growth

My good friend and colleague, Gavin McHale, is back with another excellent guest post today. He’s been on a tear of late writing some stellar content for this site. We’re all our own worst enemy, and for many, stepping outside our comfort zones and taking risks (calculated or not) in an attempt to grow our… Read more

Note to Fitness Professionals: This is How NOT to Market Yourself

On an almost daily basis I receive emails from people asking me to promote their website or pimp their product. On one hand I’m honored that some people think highly enough of me that they’re willing to reach out, stroke my ego a bit (Tony, you’re so smart and handsome), and ask for help. Plus, you… Read more

The Fitness Marketing Q&A Show

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Lisa Shaughnessy of The Fitness Marketing Q & A Show about coming onto her show and talking about Star Wars trivia. LOLzzzz.  Okay, kidding.  As if the name didn’t give it away, the show really revolves around fitness marketing. Outside of beef jerky, Matt Damon, and maybe the… Read more