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Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 8/15/14

BIG weekend this weekend. My twelve year old nephew is coming to visit Lisa and I for a few days here in Boston and we’ve been spending a few minutes the past couple of nights figuring out a suitable itinerary that A) would keep the attention span of a kid his age and not make… Read more

Do You Need to Train People In-Person In Order to Write About Training People?

I’m not at the facility today. As I tap these words on my keyboard I’m sitting in my apartment at the dining room table with the cat right beside me serving as a reliable writing companion. I’m sipping on some tea. I also have some ambient “chill” music playing in the background. And I may… Read more

Personal Training/Coaching/Writing: Why You’re Not That Special

Sorry for the slight gap in between posts from last week to today.  While I’d like to sit here and say something honorary like I decided to prep my food for the week, or I don’t know, I spent my Friday morning reading scripture to orphans, what I really ended up doing was making the… Read more

How to Get Published: Interview with Lou Schuler

Today I have something really cool to share. 1. I get a lot of emails from other trainers and coaches on how to go about getting published. In a perfect world we’d have no wars, everyone would have a million dollars in their bank account, cars would run on hugs, and every one would get their… Read more

Miscelleneous Miscellany Monday: My Writing Process, People Are Awesome, How Real Men Bake

1. I wanted to start things off this week with a pretty cool email I received a while back: Tony – You are a busy guy and I respect that, but I decided to shoot you at least one e-mail ’cause you inspire me as a trainer, writer, and a person in general. I wanted… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Red Meat Scare x2, Fitness Writing, and Food Principles

The Red Meat Scare: What Do We Make of It? – Dr. Jonny Bowden I’ll admit to two man-crushes:  Matt Damon and Jonny Bowden.  After this post, however, the good doctor might have just taken the  man-crush thing to a whole new level. In short, there’s this “study” (HEAVY emphasis on the quotations) that came… Read more

How to Write For Fitness Mags

Q: Tony…love the blog! Real quick, what would your suggestions be on how to get featured in magazines like Mens Health? I have a blog and am going to be writing locally in Philadelphia. I wrote a Masters Thesis on Golf Biomechanics…and now I love to write about physiology and fat loss….any advice is much… Read more