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How the Kettlebell Can Improve Your Deadlift

I had an interesting conversation with my good friend and fellow strength coach, Ben Bruno, not too long ago. He and I like to catch up every now and then to 1) discuss our mutual affinity for JP Licks ice-cream and 2) talk some training and fitness shop. He’s originally from New England and worked… Read more

How to “Handle” the Kettlebell

There was a time when I hated kettlebells.  Okay maybe hate’s a strong word. Hate is something that’s reserved for things like Hitler, terrorists, sub-prime mortgage loans, and poodles. Disliked may be a more appropriate term in this context. Regardless there was a time when I felt kettlebells were nothing more than a fad  –… Read more

There’s a Time and Place For Everything. Kettlebells Included.

I like to consider myself as an even keeled person who tries to see the comedy in life and not to take things too seriously. I’m originally from Middle of Nowhere, NY where I grew up in a small town with no traffic lights and no fast food restaurants.  Just to be clear though, yes,… Read more