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Cressey Performance Promotional Video (a Sneak Peek)

A few weeks ago we had a video crew spend the day at Cressey Performance for a promotional video we’re making to highlight our elite baseball development program.  Below is just a quick sneak peek (a little over a minute), and sheds some light on… Read more

Sometimes You Just Gotta Let Someone Else Do the Thinking For You

I write a lot of programs.  It goes without saying that I write programs for many of the athletes and clients at Cressey Performance; I also write programs for various distance coaching clients I have around the world; I write my girlfriend’s programs; and I… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: 1/31/2011

My girlfriend has been away for the past ten days doing some consulting work down in Colombia, and while it was nice to have some free time to hang out with the boys, leave the toilet seat up, burp out loud, and chew food with… Read more