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When To Progress an Exercise: Muscle Confusion is Wack

“How do you know when to progress an exercise whether it be increasing load or implementing a different exercise altogether?” This is a question I receive a lot from other trainers and coaches, as well as many of the athletes and clients I work with on a daily basis. And to be honest there’s no… Read more

Big Without Strong is Nothing

In keeping with the “back to basics” theme from yesterday, here’s my latest article published on which served as more of “rant” piece than anything else. It’s pretty awesome.  You should check it out. I’m a strength coach. I spend much of my day making people bigger, faster, and stronger – with a heavy… Read more

Q and A: The Road to a 400 lb Deadlift?

Q:  I know you are a busy guy but I thought you might be open to hearing from a long time reader and big time fan (not to mention a Canadian). Today was max deadlift day. We use a 8-5-3-1 progression. I… Read more