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Introducing Spinal Health and Core Training

For those familiar, Muscle Imbalances Revealed has slowly engrained itself as one of the more sought after, consistent, and continuously revered fitness product series out there. Seemingly, every year (give or take a few months) the man and mastermind behind the scenes, Rick Kaselj, is releasing a new version to the masses. If I had to… Read more

An Inside Look at The Spinal Health and Core Seminar

Hey there peeps! I thought I’d take a little break from my vacation to check in and see what’s going on the world. I see the Celtics have tied the series with the Heat?  Sweet! As it happens I was able to convince Lisa to let me snake away for a little bit to do… Read more

Spinal Health & Core Training Seminar

I have some pretty cool news to share today, and I’m not even going to sugar coat it.  Instead, I’m just going to cut right to the chase and say it: I’m going to Canada, baby!!!!!!! More specifically, I’m heading out to Edmonton to participate in what should be a pretty kick-ass weekend of learning,… Read more