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Row, Row, Row Your Back

I hated P.E. class. I was a skinny, weird and uncoordinated kid. I was the one who got picked on in the changing rooms about my lack of size, and we’re just not talking about muscles. Whenever P.E. class was on my schedule, I dreaded it.  I’d rather go to the dentist to get a… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: TRX Batwing

A few months ago Dan John wrote a blog post (or maybe even an article) on his “batwing” principle, which is a subtle exercise tweak one can make to standard rowing variations that aids in “waking-up” the rhomboids and the upper back musculature as a whole. It was a very simple idea – albeit brilliant,… Read more

Gift Ideas For the Fitness Fanatic

Tis the season! Well, I guess technically the season started a while ago having witnessed the first Christmas themed commercial a few days before Halloween, and thinking to myself, “wow, really?????  This early???” But alas, like most people, now that we’re well past Thanksgiving and Christmas (or whatever respective holiday you choose to celebrate: Hanukkah,… Read more

Chin-Up Progressions for Women (The One Rep Hump) – Part I

I’ve noted in the past that, outside of maybe a handful (who are working their tails off to get there), every female client that trains at Cressey Performance (above the age of 16) can do a real, dead start, arms fully extended, sternum to the bar, non-spastic looking, legit chin-up.  Usually for multiple reps. In… Read more

Exercises You Should Be Doing: TRX Busdriver

While the world is currently at a standstill over the Royal Wedding pukefest coverage, I for one have stayed true to my word, and haven’t watched one single second of it.  And, despite their efforts to the contrary – I wouldn’t let any of the… Read more