“Ewww. Cottage Cheese?”

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A week never goes by where I don’t hear the above quote at least once from a client.

Young athletes always ask me what they should be eating on a daily basis, and inevitably I will mutter cottage cheese. You would think I was telling them to eat battery acid from a car based upon some of the reactions I get.

I’m going to make this simple: as an athlete you will come to a point in the very near future when you will eat dirt if it meant that it would help you get better in your respective sport. If it means drinking cottage cheese through a straw, then so be it.

The same can be said for those who are just looking to shed some fat and look better naked. The sooner you accept the fact that there are certain “staple” foods that you should be eating everyday, the better off you will be. Ask any person who is already lean, and I can guarantee you (s)he is eating the same foods everyday: cottage cheese, lots of fruits and vegetables, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, lean red meat, mixed nuts, etc. It’s just the way it is. Suck it up buttercup and eat your darn cottage cheese.

This is an awesome recipe I stole from my friend Mike Roussell that includes cottage cheese. This is a perfect mid-AM/PM snack that’s high in fiber, protein, and “healthy” fats.

1/2 cup canned Pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix….PLAIN pumpkin)

1/2 cup cottage cheese (for those who don’t like the lumpy texture, you can use a hand mixer to puree the cottage cheese)

1/2-1 scoop of Vanilla Metabolic Drive protein powder

1 oz (handful) of crushed walnuts

2-4 shakes of ground cinnamon

Stir up in a bowl and enjoy. You’ll swear you’re eating pumpkin pie.

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