“I Never Train Legs”

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I hear the above quote a lot and it fascinates me. Men are the main culprit, who despite the fact that they want to put on some more size and have always struggled to do so, never train their legs.

Helllooooo!?!?!?! 70% of your total muscle mass is below the waist. My girlfriend knows what I’m talkin about….(wink wink, nudge nudge). What? I have decent sized legs! Get your mind out of the gutter. Sheesh

I just have no pity for guys who have struggled to reach their physique goals, yet fail to train more than half their body. And please don’t use the excuse that you run on the treadmill and that is all you need for leg training. It’s utter nonsense, and you deserve a lifetime of watching Ben Affleck movies for saying something so absurd.

#1. Running on a treadmill targets type I muscle fibers (slow twitch), which incidentally, have the least potential for growth. Hence why you never see a guy who does a lot of running with decent leg development. Sure he may have some definition, but his legs still look like wet noodles.

#2. Running on a treadmill is at the complete opposite end of the fitness spectrum in regards to putting on weight (and size). This is why men whose leg training entails a lot of running have a hard time putting on weight.

#3. Running on a treadmill is about as exciting as watching a marathon of “The Golden Girls” on TBS.

Fellas, if you want to put on some mass, you have to train your legs. And no I am not referring to leg extensions, leg curls, and leg pressess. Squats and deadlifts, as well as tons of single leg work. Time and time again, I have seen guys add 15-20 lbs of solid lean mass onto their frame just by adding a healthy dose of rack pulls (partial deadlifts) to their training repertoire. Seriously, quit being a wimp.

End rant

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