Computer Guy and Softball

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It’s readily apparent that slow pitch softball season is right around the corner based upon the fact that there’s been a steady increase in the number of middle aged men taking their whacks in the batting cages recently. Typically, these are men who spend the majority of their day in front of a computer at work checking out chicks on Myspace instead of actually working. Note to Stud4Life: me thinks you’re going to have to change your profile name to SleepingOnTheCouch4Life once your wife finds out about this. These are also the same men who haven’t seen much (if any) physical activity in the past eight months. Sorry fellas, but playing Guitar Hero with your kid doesn’t count.

Besides it’s totally not cool when you yell “suck it, I own you” after out scoring him/her playing “Welcome to the Jungle”. I mean how immature can you be? **Pulls own finger** Hey Ma! MA! Do you smell that? Oh, can you make sure my GI Joe bed sheets are washed today?

Suffice it to say, it’s no coincidence that the rate of groin pulls and hamstring injuries correlates with the beginning of softball season. In an ideal world these guys would be training year round in an attempt to stay in shape and to prevent these nagging injuries from happening in the first place. But since this is definitely not the case I can offer one piece of important advice. Include more dynamic warm-up drills before practices and games. In doing so you will better prepare the body for the more dynamic nature of the game; sprinting around the bases, diving catches, and of course making out with your choice of chicks after hitting the game winning home run. A few simple examples include:

Split Stance Dynamic Adductor Mobilization

Walking Spidermans

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