First Rule of Squatting: Make Sure Your Mom Is Around

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Thought I would share this video that was sent my way a few days ago. Freakin hilarious. This brings back so many memories from when I used to train down in my parent’s basement last week when I was younger.

Honestly though, this kid needs to grow a pair. The first rep looked “passable,” but he just totally shit himself on that second one. I mean, he didn’t even put up a fight. What’s up with that? His man-card is hereby revoked until further notice. Furthermore, someone should tell him that no girl is ever going to let him touch her boob if he continues to post training videos of himself shirtless. Just sayin. Nevertheless, kudos to mom for coming to the rescue like that. She deserves a day off from cleaning or something. Hahahahaha. You’re right, lets not get carried away.

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