Muggles Getting Jacked

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Anyone who’s read mine or Eric’s articles will know how much we preach the importance of training environment as it relates to success in the gym. Simply put, it’s kinda hard to get fired up for max effort bench when you’re surrounded by housewives waving around their pink dumbbells and Celine Dion is blaring over the radio. Too, I think it’s pretty much scientific fact that your testosterone levels drop 47.49875% every time you witness someone curling in the squat rack.

That said, we like to think that CP has become a place where like minded individuals can come together, lift heavy things off the ground, listen to a lot of “my mother never loved me” music, and make fun of Kevin Larrabee every time he gets stapled while attempting a 300 lb bench press. Likewise, we also recognize (and embrace) the overwhelming sense of camaraderie that develops amongst our athletes and clients. This has never been more apparent that this week, with the new Harry Potter movie coming out.

That’s Stanford University right-handed pitcher, Will Krasne performing a set of trap bar deadlifts with the Sorting Hat on. If you listen really close, you’ll hear him shout GRYFINNDOR on his last rep. Personally, I think Will’s more of a Hufflepuff- but I digress.

Not to be out done, here’s CP’s longest tenured client (and fellow Harry Potter fanatic) Steph H-B, performing overhead squats with her Nimbus 2000 broomstick.

As you can see, we take ourselves pretty seriously at CP. Just wait till The Hobbit comes out. I’m totally going to bust out my Gollum outfit. One ring to rule them all…….

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