Female Training Group Update: The PG Version

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I suck today, and don’t really have anything in particular to write about. Although I just finished training my bi-weekly female training group no less than five minutes ago, and have decided that I’m going to start a “Female Training Group Quote of the Day.” Today’s entry comes from Judy:

“My legs hurt so bad, I have goosebumps”

Not really sure whether this even makes sense, but it’s quote worthy nonetheless

Side Note: I can’t even tell you the quote from earlier in the week, because I think it’s illegal in 17 states*. Lets just say that Tammy has a poo-poo mouth, and if I were her mother, I’d wash her mouth out with soap……………………twice.

To their credit, the ladies have been doing very well since starting a little over four weeks ago. All told, we’re now just starting to hit our stride, growing more and more confident each week with everything I’m throwing their way. What’s more, as you can imagine, it’s been awesome to see the progress they’ve made already. Granted, they’d rather eat rat poison than push the sled, but such is life. I could just as easily have them walk on the treadmill for twenty minutes like most trainers, but you know, I actually want them to get better. Besides, my day isn’t complete until one of them calls me an a-hole.

Keep up the great work ladies. And to those who may be interested in finding out more information, click here, and here.

In other news, I want to say congratulations to my little brother, RT, who finally proposed to his girlfriend of eight years, Rayann. It seems like only yesterday that he literally pushed me through his bedroom wall when I wouldn’t let him play with my Thunder Punch He-Man, and we both destroyed the back of our pants once we realized that our parents were going to kill us. And by “kill us,” I mean send us to bed with no dinner, and “I swear to god if I catch you playing your Nintendo I will run over it with my car,” kill us. Ah, the Hallmark memories.

Have an awesome weekend everyone.

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