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With the extended holiday weekend upon us, I’m copping out today and keeping this post short and sweet. But lets be honest, no one is at work today anyways, so the likelihood that anyone other than my mother will read this before Tuesday is slim to none.

Also, before I go, I just wanted to relay a HUGE congratulations to CP’s own Brian St. Pierre who happens to be why why why whyyyyyyyyyyyy getting married this weekend. The entire CP staff is heading up to Maine tomorrow and looking forward to the festivities. Which is to say, I swear to god there will be murders if anyone starts the Macarena.

1. Broscience, Volume 1– Mike Robertson

In the first installment of a really great idea, Mike discusses the difference between “short” (tight) muscles and “stiff” muscles.

2. Program Design For Dummies– Me

Bringing back a blast from the past- this was my first article ever published on t-nation. As it is, to this day, I probably get more e-mails regarding this article than any of my other ones. Granted there are a few things I would change from a programming standpoint, but I think as a whole, the article serves a great starting point for those looking to design their own programs.

3. Nudge– by Richard Thayler and Cass Sunstein

I actually remember seeing this book a while ago when it first came out, but only picked it up recently after having several people recommend it to me. Have you ever wondered why we make the choices we make? Surprisingly, we’re often “nudged” into making certain choices without even knowing it. For instance, a school cafeteria might “nudge” a kid into eating a healthier diet just by placing the healthier foods first.

I’m only about 1/4 of the way through this book, but it’s been absolutely amazing thus far. Highly recommend this one to anyone.

4. A Realistic Look at Goal Setting: Fat Loss– Leigh Peele

Everyone wants to look better naked. Thing is, most people have no clue how to establish realistic, sustainable goals, let alone realize that it isn’t so much about “doing a fat loss stage,” as it is making long-term, concrete lifestyle changes. Great insight from Leigh here.

I’m out.

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