It’s Monday, but It’s Still Random

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Kind of short on time today, but wanted to fill everyone in on some updates:

1. You may recall last week when I casually mentioned I’ll be switching over to my own site in the very near future. To review, the new site is going to serve as “homebase” for all of my content, including the blog. As it is, the “near future” is probably going to be this week, assuming my webguy (who will be referred to as Morpheus from here on out) can work his magic and implement the finishing touches.

Chris/Morpheus has been a champ, and has redefined how I look at computer geeks. On an aside, he can deadlift over 400 lbs, so he’s not that geeky. Nevertheless, I’ll be making an official post later on in the week directing everyone to the new site. Stay tuned………

2. Everytime the UPS guy shows up at CP, it’s almost like it’s Christmas morning all over again. Yesterday, he dropped off our brand new deadlift bar, and needless to say, I haven’t been this excited since N*Sync broke up.

With the amount of deadlifting that Eric and I have been doing over the past three weeks, it’s going to be interesting to see how different it will feel to deadlift with this bar as compared to a standard Olympic bar.

As an FYI- a deadlift bar bends a little more and has little more “whip” to it, which makes lifting it off the floor a bit easier and less cumbersome.

3. As evident by the fact that I’m writing this blog post today, I made it back from Brian St. Pierre’s wedding in one piece. The CP crew had an awesome time, and as expected, there are some incriminating pictures already on the interWEBZ. Check out Steph’s blog for a review of the shenanigans.

NOTE: I ate everyone’s cake, and as a result, tore it up on the dance floor. Seriously, I think I already won next season’s So You Think You Can Dance…….by a landslide.

4. And because I like to give bad-ass credit where bad-ass credit is due; here’s Rosemary (who runs the cafeteria in the building where CP is located) attacking a tire with a sledgehammer*. While most 60 year olds are watching re-runs of The Golden Girls, or I don’t know, overdosing on Pepto Bismol; Rosemary is taking matters in her own hands and gettin after it twice a week. Awesome.

* That’s what the tire gets for having the balls to tell Rosemary her meatloaf needed more pepper. Idiot.

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