Monthly Archives: March 2011

Time For a Little More Focus

So, yesterday marked the start of a new “plan,” in a manner of speaking.  Outside of posting the occasional video of me lifting heavy things off the floor or just my general awesomeness, I never really go into any great detail on my training or… Read more

Deadlifting with Alicia

You know you’re struggling for blog content on a given day when all you have is a video of you deadlifting with an Alicia Keys t-shirt on.   In reality, it was a social experiment of sorts.  1.  For starters, would… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: Vitamin D Conspiracy, Liver Health, and A Little Glute Guy

Vitamin D Conspiracy Leads Straight to Big Pharma – Dr. Allen Spreen Giving myself a little credit, I’ve been on the vitamin D bandwagon before there was even a bandwagon – lets just be clear here.  Moreover, given vitamin D’s role in… Read more

What a Glass of Wine Can Tell You About Training Environment

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I attended the company Christmas party where she’s currently interning.  Like the good boyfriend that I am, I got all dressed up, shaved my head, put on some cologne, and even made sure the color of my shoes… Read more

This is Why My Job Doesn’t Suck

Like most people, at times, I work way too much.  A typical day for me starts between 5-6 AM where I wake up and spend the majority of my morning writing programs, answering emails, catching up onsome writing, and maybe reading a few blogs here… Read more

Q and A: Separating Warm-Up Sets and Work Sets

Q:  Hey Tony, I was wondering if you could write up a blog post on the proper way to work up to a heavy set, like when you work up to a 1rm, 3rm or a 5rm. When does the warm up end and the… Read more