A Closer Look At…….Shoulder Pain

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It’s Monday, otherwise known as National Bench Press Day.

Like so many others in the same weekly routine, you dutifully head to the gym after work, get to the locker room and toss your gym bag into a locker, give your training partner a fist pump and head out to the gym floor to get your bench on.

Set one, and you feel like a rock star. You turn up your iPod a little louder and add some more weight.

Set two, and you notice something weird. The shoulder that’s been a little “tweaky” for the past few weeks is starting to act up again. You’ve been ignoring it, taking the attitude that it’s just something that comes with the territory when lifting. You shrug it off, add a little more weight and think to yourself, “Once I’m warmed-up, it’ll be fine.”

Set three, and the pain is still there. But you’d sooner jump into a live volcano than skip bench day. There’s no chance you’re bowing out. So you add more weight.

Set four, and “Houston, we have a problem!”

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UPDATE: For those interested (which I’m assuming is like, two people) I caught the mouse!!!! We used an electrical mouse trap. Basically, you place the food inside, turn it on, the mouse enters, and its zapped into oblivion.

Tony Gentilcore: 1

Mouse: 0

I win!!!!!

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