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Exercises You Should Be Doing: Quadruped T-Spine Rotation with Lift Off

It’s a mouthful, I know. But I couldn’t think of an alternative name for today’s edition of Exercises You Should Be Doing. “Rotation Thingamajiggy” or “T-Spine Exercise That Makes You Feel Good” didn’t have quite the same ring to it. Exercises You Should Be Doing: Quadruped T-Spine Rotation w/ Lift Off There’s no shortage of… Read more

3 Unconventional Ways to Move Better

Counting today’s post, four out of my last five entries have had a number included in the title. That’s never happened before. Wanna know what else I’ve never done? Gotten a speeding ticket. Tried calamari. Deadlifted 2000 lbs. Cried to the movie Notting Hill. Nevertheless, in conjunction with Dean Somerset putting his Ruthless Mobility resource… Read more

A Closer Look At…….Shoulder Pain

Note from TG: the post below will take you to my latest article over at It’s Monday, otherwise known as National Bench Press Day. Like so many others in the same weekly routine, you dutifully head to the gym after… Read more