Congrats to Tyler Beede

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Eric already posted this over on his blog earlier today, but I figured I’d re-post here because, well, it’s just that awesome.  If you’re not aware, the 2011 Major League Amateur Draft is currently in high gear, and last night marked the culmination of dream come true for one of our athletes – Tyler Beede.

Tyler started training with us when he was a sophomore in high school, and to be honest, he was a pretty polished pitcher even back then, helping to lead his then high school baseball team, Auburn High, to a Division II State title.

In the two years since, Tyler has still been working his butt off, taking pitching lessons from Matt Blake, being diligent with his soft tissue work with both Nate Tiplady and Chris Howard, and of course, working with the rest of the CP staff on a weekly basis.  You’d be hard pressed to find an athlete who has worked harder than Tyler.

In fact, just recently, all his long hours driving to and from the facility paid off as his high school career came to an end helping to lead his team, Lawrence Academy, to a League Championship. 

Really, though, the main “goal” came to fruition last night, as Eric and his lovely wife Anna were gratious enough to host 120 of Tyler’s closest friends and family at their house to watch the first round of the draft live on television.

And finally, with the Toronto Blue Jays on the clock, they picked Tyler with the 21st overall pick:

Really, I couldn’t be more proud.  The Blue Jays have picked an oustanding pitcher, no doubt about it.  But even more importantly, they couldn’t have picked a more well-rounded, polite, humble, and decent young man than Tyler.  Congrats Tyler!

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