Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 3/30/12

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The World’s Greatest Exercise? – some schmuck named Gentilcore

Here’s an article I wrote for that went up last week.

SPOILER ALERT:  Not to break the suspense or anything – as if the picture didn’t give it away – but it’s about squats.

This was actually one of THREE articles I sent in on the topic, and goes into detail on a few of the many benefits that squats have to offer. Omitted due to word constraints was the fact that squats increase your general level of badassery by 37%. 40% if you do them on Mondays (instead of benching).

In the near future, you can look for installments that expound on some common squatting mistakes (and how to fix them), as well as a few variations that I feel most people can do safely.

For now, though, if you could do me favor and read the article that would be great.  And, if you like it, maybe you can click the “Like” button on the actual Livestrong page?

If you don’t like it, no worries, I won’t cry……

……that much.

But if you do, clicking the “Like’ button would be greatly appreciated as it demonstrates to the Livestrong brass that I’m kind of awesome.

Approaching the Bar – Greg Robins

This was a fantastic series (there are links to the other parts in the article I provide) by Greg about what goes through his mind when he’s approaching the bar – namely, how to set up properly for the big lifts – and how to mentally prepare yourself to, in my own words, wreck some shit.


Crisis – by Chef Seth MacKenzie

This was actually sent to me from another reader of this blog who felt I’d appreciate Chef MacKenzie’s message and writing style – and I did/do!

When was the last time you cooked?  And no, toast doesn’t count!  Seriously, when was the time you went to the store, bought some fresh ingredients, and you and your significant other (or just a family member) stayed home and cooked a nutritious, homemade meal?  Not only that, you then actually sat down at a table and conversed?

In an age where texting takes precedence over normal conversation, ordering a pizza is considered “cooking,” and we have no idea what “real” food actually is, I felt this was a resounding wake-up call posed to us from the good Chef.

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