Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work: 5/10/12

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Several month’s ago Adam Bornstein (yes, THAT Adam Bornstein) contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in submitting an ab routine for his upcoming book, The Women’s Health Big Book of Abs. Without blinking an eye I said yes, sent a little sumthin sumthin Adam’s way, and then completely forgot about it.

Just the other day he messages me and says, “dude, it’s available.  Thanks for the help.”

And here you go……

Women’s Health Big Book of Abs – Adam Bornstein

As the title suggests, the book covers all the essential diet and fitness information one would need to get rid of that muffin top and attain lean, sexy abs. Cooler still is that the book contains contributions from a bunch of other peeps in the health and fitness world you may be familiar with:  Bret Contreras, Jim Smith, PJ Striet, and God……so you know it’s legit.

Glute-Licious: Maybe You’re Just Not Ready for This Jelly – Kellie Davis

Still a tad skeptical behind the power of the hip (or glute) barbell thrust? Still think it’s just a gimmicky exercise that has no merit? Well, in this post Kellie demonstrates that not only are you wrong, but that you’re missing out on some serious glute-licious development.  Indeed!

One Squat to Rule Them All – Ben Coker

It’s after reading articles like this that I REALLY wish I was somewhat (even remotely) proficient with PhotoShop.  Not to diminish the actual content, Ben’s introductory title – The Lord of the Squats – was priceless!

Speaking of the content, this was an EXCELLENT article on the benefits of box squats.  I’ve been a hyyyyyoge advocate of box squats for years, and it’s nice to see other coaches out there spreading the love, too.

Much like Ben, I feel box squats are a superb way to teach someone the proper hip hinge pattern as well as target an area that tends to be woefully weak for most individuals – the posterior chain.  Additionally, box squats offer unique advantages for those with banged up knees (utilizes more of a vertical shin angle) and back (reduced spinal loading on L5-S1).

In short, they’re the bees knees and you should be doing them.

One last thing…………………

Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 (Lower Body Edition)

This is the product that initially launched the Muscle Imbalances Revealed series (I was involved with the Upper Body edition), and it’s recently been upgraded with a ton of great additions:

  • Corrective Exercises for Performance
  • DB Mobility Workout
  • Strategies for Hip and Ankle Mobility
  • Injury of the Month – Rick Kaselj’s fantastic monthly resource for fitness professionals

Lets say you bought the upper body edition (thank you by the way), and you loved it.  It changed your life. Yet, you don’t have the lower body edition to compliment it.  That’s like owning The Godfather Part II and not The Godfather (lets just pretend Part III didn’t happen).  It’s a sin!

Lucky for you, MIRL is now on sale – for 31% off the original price – from now until the end of week. Holla!


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