Deadlifts and Foot Placement

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The deadlift is arguably one of the more technical strength movements to master, and it’s no wonder that it oftentimes takes trainees months, years (maybe even more) to really hone in on the technique side of things.

So many variables and factors come into play, and if we were to make an impromptu checklist it may look something like this:

  • Can you demonstrate proper spinal position, or what we like to call “neutral spine”. This also includes packing the neck and not destroying the back of your pants.
  • Do your hips come up too quickly on the initial pull?
  • What about on the descent:  do you tend to sit back and engage more of the hips and glutes, or do you use more of a squat pattern?
  • How about bracing and intra abdominal pressure: can you get and maintain ample (360 degree) expansion?
  • Do you have sufficient ankle, hip, and t-spine mobility to maintain proper position throughout?
  • Are you “finishing” with your hips/glutes at the top?
  • Do your socks match your shirt?  Oh, god….they don’t!  Shit, now everyone’s going to think you’re an idiot and are going to laugh at you!  Hahahahahahahaha.

No one is the same, obviously. What works for one person, may be a recipe for disaster for the next. But one common mistake I see many trainees making when setting up to deadlift – especially with regards to conventional or trap bar style – is placing their foot stance too wide.

Hopefully this video demonstration – done on ONE TAKE, thank you very much – helps shed some light on the topic.

Enjoy.  Have an awesome weekend!

Note: My apologies for the picture quality.

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