Moving Day at Cressey Performance

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Yesterday was spent moving Cressey Performance from one space to another located roughly 100 yards at the other end of the building.  Surprisingly, we got A LOT more done than initially expected and all that’s left is putting down the new turf and then some aesthetic touch ups here and there (which may or may not include a massive shirtless mural blasted on one of our walls of me taking the bull by the horns, ala Ben Stiller from Dodgeball).

For those who need a visual reference – take a gander up and to the left.

Pretty sweet, right?

All kidding aside, I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who helped out yesterday (and today) for busting their asses start to finish without ever once being asked to do so.  It’s times like this where we feel so blessed and honored to have such awesome clients, colleagues, and friends willing go out of their way to lend a helping hand.

As you might expect, my hands are pretty full today, but I wanted to share a funny video that CP coach, Greg Robins, filmed from yesterday’s chaos starring Eric Cressey’s old desk.

The new Cressey Performance opens up tomorrow (August 25th) at 9 AM.  Yeah buddy!!!!!!!

From the sounds of it, there’s going to be quite the showing of fitness peeps making a cameo appearance: John Romaniello, Sean Hyson, Jen Sinkler, Neghar Fonooni, Alli McKee, Roger Lawson, and Ben Bruno to name a few.

I’m still waiting to see if Alicia Keys got the invitation.

Video tour of the new facility will be posted on Monday!


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