Now There’s a Legitimate Reason to Have Your Phone on the Gym Floor

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Funny story.  Well, funny to me at least (so it’s basically pretty funny).

When I first started out as a trainer one of my first “rules” with clients was 1) show up on time, and 2) whatever you do, unless you’re a brain surgeon and you’re on call, don’t bring your phone out on the gym floor.

Simple right?  And for the most part, people complied.

Show up on time, leave your phone in your locker, work hard, and leave the rest up to me.  Easy peasy.

With the latter rule, it was mostly a joke and served only to prove a point:  you’re not that important.  You’re here to work. So help me god if I see you texting I will make you push the Prowler for an entire hour!

And wouldn’t you know it:  there was an instance where I actually trained a brain surgeon.  Go figure!  So whenever I trained her, I had to relent and allow her to carry her phone whenever we trained because there was always a chance that there’d be a ten-car pile up on the highway and she’d be called in to save the day.

Thankfully that never happened.

Outside of that one special case, however, one of my biggest pet peeves as a coach is people bringing their phones out on the gym floor with them – as if getting to the next level of Angry Birds or texting with their S.O. about that funny thing that happened at work today is sooooo important that it can’t wait 45 minutes.

Even more of a pet peeve are when douchey TRAINERS bring their phone out onto the gym floor with them.

Anyways, today all of that changes because has just released a pretty amazing App that you can download HERE (@ or HERE (directly on the iTunes site) which allows you to log, schedule, and follow your workout plans at all times.

And the best part:  It’s absolutely FREE to download.

We’re what…..not even a week into 2013?  Pretty soon all those people who made resolutions to finally get into shape are going to jump off the wagon and start making excuses.

I don’t have time, I don’t know what to do, I have a hang nail, or any number of lame excuses.

With this new App, you’ll have no reason not to stay on top of your workouts.

And as if that wasn’t baller enough, check this out.

I’ve also collaborated with the peeps at and designed an exclusive workout plan to help celebrate the App launch.

All you need to do is join my fan page on, download the App on launch day (TODAY, January 7th), and then you’ll have access to not only my exclusive workout, but you’ll also receive a free MONTH of PRO which gives you access to hundreds of other workout plans (but I’m admittedly biased towards mine, so you should definitely check that one out).

From there you’ll need to log a workout – ANY workout – on launch day (again, TODAY, January 7th) to be entered into a drawing for some free swag (shirts, etc), as well some extra special stuff hand-picked by me:  namely, steaks and a TRX suspension trainer.

Go HERE to get a step by step breakdown.

So to recap, here are the action items:

1.  Join the Tony Gentilcore fan page.

2,  Download the FREE App (which automatically qualifies you for a free month membership to PRO)

3.  Log a workout – ANY workout – TODAY!

4.  Possibly win some dead animal flesh.

5.  Possibly increase your chances of dating a Victoria Secret model.  Okay, that probably won’t happen, but you never know.

 ====> HERE <====


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