A Quick Update (Tony G Fan Page???)

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It’s been an unexpected busy week on my end so I wasn’t able to write as many posts as I wanted (only two: HERE and HERE), which always kind of bums me out because I feel out of whack or that I somehow failed if I don’t write something each morning for all “my peeps” to check out.

It’s funny:  on a few occasions in the past if I somehow skipped a day or two of blog posts I’ve had several I’ll people reach out to me asking if everything’s alright?

Part of me sometimes wants to mess with them and say something along the lines of, “actually, no, I just finished Twilight and can’t believe that Bella chose Edward over Jacob!  AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” [Slams door].

That’s just mean, though, and worse, I don’t want people thinking I spend my free time watching Twilight.

But if it’s any consolation, despite the lack of blogging prowess this week I did submit my presentation for the IYCA East Coast Conference I’ll be speaking at next Friday, as well as submit a new T-Nation article on overhead pressing which should go up soon.  BAM!

That said I don’t really have anything in particular to share other than a quick bit of cool news:

I guess I’m kind of a big deal.  Well, according to the interwebz I am anyways.

I’ve somehow managed to accumulate the maximum number of Facebook “friends” – although I’m still waiting for a request from Matt Damon – and have set up a separate “fan page” that people can join which allows everyone to keep up to date with all things Tony G.

You know, stuff like how deadlifts are awesome, ninjas rule, Paleo people need to take a chill pill sometimes (we get it: you don’t like gluten), and how I’m more likely to jump in front of a moving mack truck than ever listen to one word that comes out of Tracy Anderson’s mouth.

To that end, I’m humbled that so many people would even want to be a part of my “crew,” and are always so willing to read my stuff and support it. As always thank you, truly, and here’s the link to the new page for those interested:


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