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Raise Your Hand if You Saw Man of Steel This Weekend. Raises Hand.

As if you couldn’t tell from the title of this post and the picture to the left, like most human-beings with a Y-chromosome in their DNA I went to go see the new Superman movie this past weekend, Man of Steel. And by “went to go see,” what I really mean is that I totally… Read more

A Quick Update (Tony G Fan Page???)

It’s been an unexpected busy week on my end so I wasn’t able to write as many posts as I wanted (only two: HERE and HERE), which always kind of bums me out because I feel out of whack or that I somehow failed if I don’t write something each morning for all “my peeps” to check out…. Read more

How to Increase Your Strength and Performance Instantly (

“Arch your back!” “Okay, now extend your hips at the top.” “Um, uh, push your knees out.” ” Oh, don’t forget to brace your abs, too.” These were cues one of our new interns were giving an athlete the other day while trying to coach him through his very first deadlift session. It wasn’t going… Read more

What Buying a New Car Can Tell You About Your Exercise Routine

The first major purchase I bought when I graduated college was a new car.  Okay there was that, a Playstation 2, and what was probably the 7th “limited edition” release of Star Wars on DVD – but who’s counting? The year was 2002.  Like I said I had just graduated from college, The Bachelor was… Read more

Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work (and While I’m at the Perform Better Summit!)

Hey peeps – I gotta keep this one short today because I’m heading down to Providence, RI for the Perform Better Summit.  I’m excited because I wasn’t able to attend last year, and on top of easily being one of the best weekends of learning on the planet, the Summit also serves as an awesome… Read more

Turkish Get-Up: Roll-to-Elbow Conundrum

Damn those Turks!  It’s no secret that I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with the Turkish get-up. I love them because there’s no doubting their validity in terms of providing a lot of bang-for-our-training buck.  We’ve been utilizing them more and more at CP with our athletes and clients to address everything from scapular… Read more

Program Design Tips for Upcoming Trainers

A few weeks ago a handful of guys from my alma mater – SUNY Cortland – made the five hour trip from central NY to Boston to come visit Cressey Performance for an afternoon and check out the facility in the flesh. After giving them the quick tour, explaining the general flow of things (everything… Read more

Miscellaneous Miscellany Monday: Samurai, Youth Training, and I Need an Assistant!

1. So you know how I mentioned on Friday that we’re hosting a young female from Colombia for the next three weeks? FYI:  Lisa and I are hosting a teenager for three weeks. She made it here safely on Friday night and Lisa and I spent the entire weekend showing her the sights and sounds… Read more