Day 10: Sydney Seminar

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Tony and I were up at 6:30 and headed down to the hotel breakfast. Cereal, toast, milk, vegemite. None of which was appealing to me. After we ate Tony got all ready and pretty, and off we went to iPT Australia, just up the block.

Note from TG: any aspiring fitness professionals in Australia should consider contacting iPT Australia. Without question it’s a place that best sets up future fitness professionals for success. While it’s much more than this, what you can expect is a 26 week course that prepares you with all the skills you’ll need – assessment, anatomy, exercise technique, programming – to become a bonafide personal trainer. You’ll basically become 007, except without the license to kill.

Soon we met Jess, one of the day’s attendees, and then James, accompanied by his girlfriend Gill, and Brendon. As Tony and the boys got set up, Gill, Jason and I talked about what I would do with my day, since Tony was gracious enough to encourage me to go out and enjoy Sydney, instead of staying at the seminar all day.

I was asking about the Market on the Rocks during the weekend, and when Gill heard Jason and I talking about this, one eyebrow went up, and she said, “I’ve never heard of that…” She pulled out her phone, and after a quick Google, she was reading about the where and what of the market. I started to say goodbye and excuse myself, and Gill said, “want some company?”. Yeah!

So Gill and I set off.

First to a big fancy mall, where I got myself some Uggs, which are Australian in case you didn’t know. Not big boots, but these super warm + cute moccasins that I will TOTALLY rock at work so that no longer will my feet be freezing while I sit and meet with patients every single day! Yay.

Australian autumn is just beginning, so lots of summer stuff was on sale, which of course made me want to buy up everything. But I controlled myself. Prices are higher, and I guess that’s either because we’re in a major city, because Aussies say everything is more expensive in Australia, or both.

Gill and I were fast friends. You may not know this about me, but I am a shopping Jedi. Bargain huntress. Clearance Ninja. I do not give out shopping prowess compliments easily, but I must say that Gill is equally skilled. I was lucky to have her company all day. Here we are together in front of Hyde Park:


The Open Market on The Rocks happens every Saturday and Sunday, and I was worried I would have to miss it, since we would be in seminar Saturday and flying home Sunday. But when Tony encouraged me to Carpe Diem, I was thrilled to get to check it out! Look, isn’t it wonderful?:

It reminded me of SOWA (South End Washington Street) market, in Boston during the summertime. I helped myself to some Australian souvenirs, and of course got a little gift for Tony (Which you’ll see later on).

After shopping Gill popped back into the seminar and I returned to the hotel to start packing. I took care of about half of it, and then went to the seminar to observe Tony wrap up the day. When I came in he was coaching a deadlift and answering some questions:

The day ended just shy of 5:00pm, and Tony was satisfied with how much material he covered. He was happy to have another attentive audience! Special thanks to all of the Sydney Seminar participants.

Here we are with James and Gill, just before saying goodbye:

Once back at the hotel, I presented Tony with his congratulations-on-two-Australian-seminars-completed gift:

As you can see, he put it right on, and we headed out for dinner.

Tony’s friend and colleague, Mike Cambell (and author of bestseller Unleash Your Alpha) recommended a nearby spot for dinner. Riley’s Garage is, in fact, a renovated garage.

It’s amazing! One of the most fabulous places I have ever been. We showed up without a reservation, but being the early birds we are, there was one more table we were able to snag. I’m not kidding you, the place was brimming with fabulous Australians.

I, on the other hand, was not looking Australian or fabulous. Today being my third-and-a-half day of not-feeling-so-hot, being under the weather has taken its toll on my appearance. So you will not be seeing a picture of Tony and I out to dinner at Riley’s Garage.

The food was delicious. Tapas style with shared-everything, we had some beetroot salad, and I actually got Tony to say yes to ordering the whole fish! It’s a favorite of mine, but if it’s not pristine, boneless, and lacking all semblance of an animal, Tony’s disgusted by it. But tonight, he decided to live on the edge, and I was so glad!

After dinner we needed to head back down Victoria Street in search of an ice cream place that colleagues of Tony’s told him he must have before leaving. Messina was a happening ice cream joint, with sexy music and customers. Actually, the entire neighborhood was happening and sexy.

At this point I turned into a pumpkin. But not just any pumpkin; a tired, chills-ridden, angry-tummied, I-am-sick-of-being-sick, irritable, cranky pumpkin. Poor, poor Tony. So we weren’t happening, fabulous, sexy young Australians on our last night in town. But we did our best. Hopefully whatever this is will be all gone tomorrow so that I am not dealing with any illness on a 13-hour flight!

Good night and talk to you tomorrow,

Lisa and Tony

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